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All Is True

All Is TrueAll Is True


The past is a prologue to Kenneth Branagh, king of the English tables, who, after interpreting the works of Master William Shakespeare six times for the big screen, Coin Heist meets the Immortal Bard again in All is True. The new biopic of the most relevant playwright in history comes with a cast with a Shakespearean script and will give us a new look at the last years of the theater hero’s life.

If Kenneth already wondered in Hamlet whether to be or not to be, with All is True he finally found the answer: definitely be. The veteran actor will play William Shakespeare for the first time. And it’s not all: the interpreter will also direct the tape. And it makes sense: we are sure that there is no one better than Branagh to give life to William. Is that English has already established himself as a theater actor with works mainly of his authorship and even disembarked on the big screen with six adaptations of his works.

And it is not the only figurine that returns to repeat Shakespeare. Judi Dench – who also played Queen Elizabeth in Judi Dench Johnny English Strikes Again – who also played Queen Elizabeth in Shakespeare Passionate – will lend the body to Ann Hathaway, the author’s wife. The duo is joined by Ian McKellen, another actor with experience in the Shakespearean play, such as Earl of Southampton, who would have had a romantic relationship with the famous writer.

Branagh’s decision is as solid as it is innovative. Although Kenneth has a lot of experience with the source material, this would be the first time he adapts the author’s life more than any of his works. That must be why he chose a most attractive plot that appeals not only to the fans of his theater, but also to those who do not know anything about him at all.

According to rumors, All is True would tell the story of William’s return to his hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon White Boy Rick after the fire that destroyed The Globe Theater in 1613 amid a performance of Henry VIII (more: All is True is the alternative title of that work, which makes sense that Branagh has chosen it as the title for the film).

There, he meets his wife after many separate years in which William threw himself into his career. The fact that Dench plays Hathaway Artemis Fowl is undoubtedly a sign that his specific weight in this story will be pivotal (flavored, obvious, with the love triangle with the Earl of Southampton).

Original title
All Is True
Kenneth Branagh
Alex MacQueen, Hadley Fraser, Ian McKellen, Jack Colgrave Hirst, Judi Dench, Kathryn Wilder, Kenneth Branagh, Lydia Wilson, Matt Jessup
Release Date
10 May 2019
101 min
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