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Blue World Order    

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Blue World Order is the kind of film that I hate reviewing most, because it obviously has a lot of passion put into it but unfortunately not a lot of talent. The Fortress Science fiction is one of the hardest and most cost prohibitive genres to realize on screen, so when these sorts of projects fail, they more often than not fail hard, and the sad truth of Ché Baker’s and Dallas Bland’s purported epic is that it fails on nearly every narrative and technical level, even going so far as to bungle scenes that take direct inspiration from other properties. I’m sorry, but this is just a hard movie to watch.

In a near future, Jake Slater (Jake Ryan) survives the apocalyptic ruination of humanity at the hands of a bacterial disease, along with his catatonic daughter Molly (Billie Rutherford). While wandering the wasteland, Jake comes across human civilization but discovers that the people of the camp act strangely even as they offer him and Molly assistance. With the assistance of a man who What Keeps You Alive calls himself MadCap (Stephen Hunter), Jake learns that common people have been placed under the control of some sort of virus delivered through an electromagnetic pulse, so for his and Molly’s safety Jake decides to investigate and put a stop to those in control of the pulse. Also, the pulse wiped out all children for some reason that is never really made clear.

There are a lot of post-apocalyptic concepts here fighting for attention as compounding exposition muddies both the film’s internal lore and the audience’s investment in it. The characters suffer most from this, not only because they are ineptly directed to deliver lines with the approximate Wu Kong cadence of a badly dubbed anime, but because the constant explanations and supposed twists completely rob the cast of arcs, growth, or stakes. The technobabbling plot completely overshadows whatever sort of story Baker and Bland were attempting to tell, making the film a slog to sit through.

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Blue World Order
Blue World Order
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