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Good breeding gone bad


Amanda and Lily are classmates, but only now they begin to socialize. While none of them has a bad economic or social situation, Lily seems to be able to swim in silver, although having everything does not make her happy, since she hates her stepfather. Now both teenagers are going to associate to get the couple of Lily’s mother out of the equation.

Today in the segment of direct to DVD we are going to talk about Thoroughbreds, a film that should not leave anyone indifferent. Not only because we are facing a well filmed product, but also because what counts is quite controversial, and more than one will end up hating it.

If someone wants to be bad, I could say that the movie is about two bourgeois who decide to kill the stepfather of one of them because they are bored with life. So flat and you drank like that. And while a little is investigated in the personal life and the past of one of them, and we see how the little girl has more than one duckling out of line, nor does she feel strong enough to justify her behavior.

Luckily, the work of director Cory Finley compensates for his work when putting together the script. From the section of the address, we will find an uncomfortable, tense proposal, which makes us pay attention to the fact that at any moment something can happen and everything explodes. The big problem is that this never happens.

For what the director proposes, it helps a lot the work of the two main actresses, Olivia Cooke and Anya Taylor-Joy. The two girls have so much appearance and attitudes of upset, that complement very well among themselves and helps to give a little nuance to their hollow characters. We will never know if they are going to want to kill each other, or if there is some unresolved sexual tension, but both are responsible for making the spectator uncomfortable and expectant. And as a separate fact, we must mention the presence of Anton Yelchin, who is doing his last job here, that is, we are facing his posthumous film.

Cory Finley
Anton Yelchin, Anya Taylor-Joy, Francie Swift, Kaili Vernoff, Lauren Laperriere, Olivia Cooke, Paul Sparks, Stephanie Atkinson, Svetlana Orlova, Thomas Dings
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