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bby Johnson, 38, is a woman who turned pro-life and became unintentionally well-known in the United States, Altitude after she decided to leave her job at Planned Parenthood in the autumn of 2009, the infamous abortion organization that had even given her direction of a clinic. The story of Johnson, already disclosed in Italy by Tempi, has inspired the production of the film Unplanned (based on the book of the same name, with an evident play on words, published in 2011 by the pro life activist) that will be screened in 800 American theaters starting March 29th and the trailer was released this Thursday.

Abby’s first contact with the Planned Parenthood, as he told in an interview with the National Catholic Register, took place in 2001 in his first year of college, during a volunteer fair, when he was attracted by the multinational’s pink stand – which he still knew nothing about – and convinced with a little rhetoric to act as a volunteer. Later, to win her pro life education, Avengers Endgame she was told that Planned Parenthood ‘offered’ abortion services but wanted to reduce the number of abortions. Once she graduated, Abby obtained a contract with the organization, working as an escort for women who went to an abortion (to prevent them from being deterred by pro-life outside clinics), and finally being chosen as head of a clinic in the city of Bryan (Texas) ), in which in 2008 she was nominated “employee of the year”.

In September of the following year, a fact suddenly changed his life. Due to a shortage of staff, she was asked for the first time to help a doctor who had to perform an ultrasound-guided abortion on a mother at the thirteenth week of pregnancy. Abby, who in the meantime had personally aborted twice and gave birth to a child, was shocked to see how that 13-week-old baby looked similar to her daughter’s image at the time of her pregnancy. In addition to Planned Parenthood they had always told her, and she herself had then reported to other women, that the “fetal tissue” does not feel any pain while being aborted.

The reality appeared to her in those completely different moments. While the cannula was inserted to suck the little body in the womb, Abby could look on the screen the child writhing frantically to avoid being sucked. “The child looked as if it had been wrung out like a rag, swirled and squeezed. And then he crumpled and began to disappear inside the cannula, before my eyes, “he wrote in his memoirs. “The last thing I saw was the perfectly formed backbone, sucked into the tube, and then it was gone.”

For several days Johnson continued to run the clinic but in the end, shocked by what she had seen and by The Miracle of the Sargasso Sea the requests to work to increase the number of abortions in the structure, on 6 October 2009 she resigned. From there, after telling pro life activist Shawn Carney that she could no longer promote the suppression of children in her womb, she started volunteering for the Coalition for Life, wanting to help women understand the truth about the unborn. His notoriety, as we understand from an interview with the CNA, was a boomerang effect of the legal battle initiated by Planned Parenthood, which attempted to deny that the abortion had ever occurred and requested a court order to prevent Abby to talk about his work in the abortion clinic, ending up making the case in the public domain. “This is not what I had planned for my life. But God has established this for me, and it would be the wrong thing to turn away from something He has planned for my life.

Abby has also converted to Catholicism with her husband (these days I am expecting the eighth child) and has understood the Little Women on contraception, together with the beauty of the Church’s teaching on love and sexuality, studying the Theology of Body of Saint John Paul II. His part in the film, written and directed by the authors of God’s Not Dead (Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon), is portrayed by Ashley Bratcher. The same actress, during the filming of Unplanned, knew from her mother (here the touching video-testimony of Ashley with Life Site News) that the latter, at the age of 19, had presented herself at a clinic because she thought she was abort it but eventually cut off the visit and decided to give it birth. The ways of God.

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